Pulling Off Color Eyeshadows (Brown Girl Friendly!) + Videos To Help You Out

Who said brown skin can't pull off bright colors? Someone who clearly needs to get a clue. My attempt wasn't the best, however I've recently

Dove Issues Statement Following Backlash for Ad Showing Black Woman Turning Herself White…& I See Why People Could Be Mad

So if you haven't heard about the recent Dove situation, I'm not really sure where you've been. Nonetheless, the beauty brand (whose known for many products,


Yoga Green book

This is How Carla Christine is Bringing Virtual Yoga to the Black Community

I remember the first time I heard about yoga, I immediately thought of two things: Black people don't do yoga, and everyone in the classroom

Lil Mama’s Glow Up is Real, and We’re Here for It

The world may have known who Lil Mama was, but we're all finally starting to learn about Niatia Kirkland. Over the past few years, the rapper