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What A Time for Blessings! Featuring The Huffington Post, Project Snatched, A New Apartment, And Much More!

Do you ever sit back and sometimes wonder why God is so good to you? If not, something’s a little off. It seems the more I continue to sit back and thank him for the small things, the more things he continues to shower me with! I have been so blessed to live the life that I live, and as I continue to grow into myself, the more I continue to grow into him.

With that said, amazing things have been happening over the past few weeks that I just had to share! What’s the point of the blessing  if you can’t dish it out to your Misfit babes?

So, many of you have seen the article, but I recently was spotted in The Huffington Post, an online media platform that truly needs no introduction. Being interviewed for my portrayal and support of #blackgirlmagic, I got to dish on how I’ve found myself over the years, what Black Girl Magic means to me, and exactly how I plan to tackle it with my feet running in New York.HuffingtonPostarticle

I definitely think you have to pay what it costs to be the Boss; the top has a price point and you have to decide if you’ll pay it or not. For me, not only do I want to exude confidence in my work and career flow, but also in my physical health. As many know, I’ve had ongoing health conditions for years, many of which kicked my butt and got me stuck inside without a way to exercise. Well recently, I’ve been sweating like a pig in this New York heat, so I decided why not pair it with exercises to tone and shed some of this weight!IMG_0548

IMG_0477First up was my cycling class at a networking event hosted with #HashtagsandStilettos. We came out to Harlem cycle, a black-owned training studio with all the works. For our class, we did 30 minutes on the spinning bike, working our heart rates and stretching out them legsssss honey.IMG_0497IMG_0480 Next, we did 35 minutes of cardio, which included stretches, crunches, sit ups, resistance training, them dumb bell things, and so much more. Needless to say, I worked up a sweat and got my exercise ON!IMG_0564

IMG_0644The following week I hit up #ProjectSnatched, a lifestyle exercise movement started by one of my fellow Bison family to promote safe and healthy workouts. While I wasn’t able to complete all the exercises (asthmatic girls don’t play well in heat), I gave it my all and kept going…even when I thought I couldn’t do any more.campLocated right in Central Park, this workout was fabulous, supportive, and best of all, free! I definitely urge anyone to come out and join us on Tuesday evenings in Central Park. I mean, what do you have to lose (aside from some pounds)?

As if my week couldn’t get any better, I finally got the call of a lifetime: I had been chosen for an apartment right in Brooklyn! See, I moved to New York with the idea that I’d figure it out as I went along. That did consist of living on someone’s couch, with long commutes into and out of the city everyday. But it was worth it. My gratefulness to my friend and family who helped me out, I had to say see ya later as I pack up my bags and head over into artsy Brooklyn, where I’ll have my own room as well as a recording space for that Youtube content that I keep telling ya’ll about 😉 At some point I had begun to lose hope; I kept going out and talking to people to no avail. But God’s timing will always win in the grand scheme of things, and I’m so happy I was patient.


So as you can see, New York isn’t letting up with the blessings coming my way. I’ve met amazing people, started getting my fitness on, AND found a new place to call home in a neighborhood I absolutely love.OH! And I’ve possibly found me a church home, which is vitally as important to me as getting my nails and hair done (which I’m still looking for in New York, ugh!).

What’s there not to praise God about? So there you have it folks. That’s my week in a nutshell. Get prepared for some fun career advice coming your way, a few lookbooks hopefully poppin’ up, and a how-to guide on surviving Fashion Week, which is quickly approaching. Love ya Misfits, how’s your week been?

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