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If You Don’t Like how Things Are, Change It

I believe I remember the exact moment I knew I had met my purpose. Coupled with years of fascination, hobbies, interests, and of course, whatever paid the bills, I finally found myself looking my God-given purpose right in the face. And though it felt like meeting the love of your life, one you feel you’ve known in a past life, I knew that what I was currently doing in my work wasn’t pairing with that passion.

If you don’t like how things are, change it.


Yes, I work hard. Yes, I do a lot of work outside of my community, working to build a name and a brand. But yes, things pay off when they see you’re an investment worth paying into. Recently, I was dubbed “The Blonde of All Trades” by a publication that noticed the work I aim to promote not just in the African-American community, but to literally every misfit out there. Things can become exhaustive at times (lately, more than ever!), and I understand wanting to give up. However, when you don’t like your surroundings, your environment, atmosphere, or even plot in life, guess what? You have every ability to change it. Now, lest we get confused: nobody said it’d come easy or for free. However, if you have dreams and aspirations to do or be something, you can make it happen. Just got to put in the work and watch your seeds blossom.

Right now, strange things are happening over in my universe. Things I don’t understand, things I don’t comprehend…but things that I know, in the grand scheme of life, God is doing to make a miraculous work happen. I’ll fill you all in more as the time jumps up on us, but in the meantime, watch out for me, I’m bout to glow. ✨



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