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The Best Career Advice I Ever Received (It Came from a Fortune Cookie, No Doubt)

Hey guys! So I remember one time after a panel, some beautiful young lady came up to me and asked me what had been the best career advice I had ever received. Immediately, I was put on the spot and froze, because 1) my career is all of 5 minutes long, and 2) I am someone who is OBSESSED with career-driven quotes and advice. That being said, I shrugged, gave her some generic reply, and kept it moving. Well, little did I know that only a few weeks later I’d find (or rather, be reminded) of the best advice I’d ever receive.

You see, lately I’ve been in a weird space. I’m not stagnant in my life, but I hadn’t been feeling as progressive as I like to feel. I was feeling lots of things, but stress and anxiety definitely were on the top of the list. One day, I had found myself in the midst of being stressed out, and I came home restless and just wanting to sleep. As I was gathering the clothes that had piled on my floor over the majority of two weeks (hey, back to back traveling is difficult!), all of a sudden I stumbled on a fortune cookie I had saved months ago when I had first moved to New York with $200 in my bank account.

“Don’t worry! You will always have¬†everything that you need.”

All of a sudden, things hit me and my perspective immediately changed. God, my Heavenly Father, has given me everything I will ever require to get the job done. No matter what I may feel or how things may look, I will always have everything that I need to survive, to thrive, to be my best self, and to prosper. When anxiety and things happen, they occur out of a fear of what is to come. But why fear? God’s already giving us everything to complete and tackle the battle.


Obviously, I’m not saying that you’ll never have fear. But, what I’m saying is that regardless of how things will look, you never have to worry if you’ll have the things you need. No, those may not be all the things you WANT, but the things you NEED to live and do what you have¬†to do…you already got it, Misfits. That should be super encouraging when you think about how you want your life to look, the career you want, the happiness you’re inviting into your life. You’ve already got it. It’s already yours. God will definitely give you everything to equip you, he’s already done it.

So yes. That’s the best career advice I’ve ever received, because no matter what my career has or does look like, I will always have everything that I need to get to the next step, to get to the next assignment, to be at the place that I want. If I don’t have a million followers on IG, it doesn’t matter. I have what I need to be successful. If I don’t have everyone’s approval or blessing on living my life? Okay, that’s cool. I have the people that are necessary for the journey. And the same is for you. So next time stress starts to settle, or you begin to feel like you don’t know what’s happening…take a deep breath and know that God will supply all your needs. He’s taken care of it all and already blessed you. So walk in that blessing, walk in that faith, and thank Him that all you will ever require has been met long before you even knew ya needed it!



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