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Pulling Off Color Eyeshadows (Brown Girl Friendly!) + Videos To Help You Out

Who said brown skin can’t pull off bright colors? Someone who clearly needs to get a clue. My attempt wasn’t the best, however I’ve recently been into adding more color into my makeup regime…so I’m down to try it.

Okay, so even though I’m not the most proficient at eye makeup application (I tend to stick myself in the eye and since my eyes are already pretty darn small, I need to…be careful), I absolutely LOVE a good slay. From browns, to blues, greens to reds, we can pull off whatever eye look we’re going for, and anyone who says otherwise can surely go somewhere. Below, I’ve gathered a few makeup looks that I think are the bomb dot com when it comes to incorporating color into your makeup routine, JUST to show you it is indeed possible:

So maybe you’re not ready for a bright cobalt blue but going for something more sultry. This makeup tutorial is the BOMB if you’re trying to be ice queen.

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a pink. From rosé to hot electric shades, pink can work for any and everyone.

Okay, now I’ve included some of the more subtleties, but heck, some really want that bright, bold look for Fall! If you’re into it, you can go for either of these fire red and orange combos, sure to make a statement before you say a thing!


What do you guys think? Are you feeling the bold colors for Fall?


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