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Four Easy Tips on Practicing & Maintaining Self Care

Written by Natalia Tyndall

We’ve all heard the phrase: “When you look better, you feel better” but what does that really mean? When depression, anxiety, or just a bad day hits us, our beauty, wellness, and self-care routines can take a major hit.

Mental health episodes seem to target the things we love the most, and for a lot of people, that is the things you love to do everyday. While it can be hard, keeping up with daily routines can not only give you peace of mind but also pull you out of an episode quicker than you think. Sticking to some type of normalcy can eventually result in your mind and body believing there are better days ahead which will in turn become the truth. Think of it as the mental health version of faking it till you make it. Of course, there are multiple remedies that exist, depending on the severe ways in which you may deal. However, there’s never anything wrong with incorporating a bit of self-care into your regime to make things a bit brighter. And for some, maintaining your outward appearance may sound vain; however, the deeper purpose is to make you happier, healthier, and stress free.

Self care practices widely vary and manifest from person to person; someone may favor exercise to clear their head while another needs music to unwind. Psychology Today defines self care as, “making the time to do things that nurture you, as well as activities that keep you healthy.” This seems simple enough but in the face of a mental health issue, it can seem impossible to stick to any routine. Here are a few of our favorite ways to stay grounded, stay healthy, and help you when you’re in a momentary funk: 


You can do this in any way that feels natural to you, whether it’s sitting in silence or focusing on guided meditation practices. Over the years, meditation has become a huge practice, so the resources are out there and are as easy as a Youtube search. You can also buy “Meditation for Beginners” from Audible if you need help getting started, or want something on the go.

Get More Sleep

The idea of getting more sleep to clear your head isn’t just an old fable. The benefits of this are two-fold. Forcing yourself to turn off all distractions and sleep more will put your mind at ease and can help with staying healthy, while also getting “beauty” sleep allow your skin to rejuvenate skin cells that’ll allow you to continue to look young, youthful, and healthy.

Face Masks

A cooling mask plus a soothing bath can do a world of good. Anything that forces you to sit still for 20 minutes and put the world on pause will have your sanity thanking you. Tony Moly makes one with lavender that is proven to make you calmer, as well as hydrate your skin from the inside out.


We all fall victim to a cluttered mind from time to time. Getting those thoughts out on paper can be the key to getting rid of anxiety or working through an issue that’s been on our minds. Not to mention the amount of anxiety that comes from the idea of forgetfulness; if you journal it out, you’ve got it all written in black and white.


It’s important not to knock self care and how it fits into your bigger mental health picture, especially with the current political climate and your own daily stress factors. Of course for more serious issues, always consult a therapist or mental health professional. And even so, getting into a routine, practicing some self-care mindedness, and sticking to it can be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.


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