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A New Lip Gloss in my Arsenal + Are We Adding the 90s Back?

"I'mma make it look sexy." *NOTE: If you're not hip, what's wrong with you? JK...but forreal though, listen to Kendrick Lamar's latest album. Hey ya'll! I hope you guys have had an amazing week thus far. Recently, I've been feeling like I've been pushing the envelope on my content with beauty

Amandla Stenberg Stuns for Bust Magazine

Amandla Stenberg has stolen our hearts for many years, specifically this editor's when she shaved her head. Recently, the young activist spoke with Bust Magazine on many things, and even though it hasn't hit stands just yet, I couldn't help but showcase some of the best parts of the interview!

Having Happy, Healthy Locs ( My Tips + Favorite Products Used)

The other day, I received an email from one of you Misfits asking me how do I maintain my locs. Surprisingly, I never really imagined many of you guys out there being #TeamLocs, though...I ain't mad at ya ;) Anyways, that question prompted me to tackle this post to discuss with