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Sometimes You Must Be Savage To Be the Boss

After a weekend of running around (I have maaany friends who are Scorpios, including my own father) and eating lots of Thanksgiving food, I finally had the opportunity to sit down and do some work for TheBlondeMisfit. Recently, it's been an interesting time in my life; astrologically, there are MANY

Some of the Best Moments from Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards

Written by Mia Marshall Glamour’s 2017 Women of the Year Awards was remarkable, to say the least. An annual event held to honor women in all different fields, industries, and walks of life, the awards are a time for women to come together and express their appreciation for one another. This

How This Motivational Lyricist is Positively Changing Up the Rap Game

Felisha George may be the next Cardi B. Mixed with Stokely Carmicheal, that is. The New Jersey native is not only an activational lyricist, but a rapper helping bring unification and empowerment to marginalized groups in her community. Bold? Definitely. Different? Of course. Necessary? More than perhaps any of us really

The Three Things You Should Do When Starting Your Blog

Though we see everyone out here trying to be a blogger, it's not as simple as a cute pic, a quick caption, and random postings on social media. In actuality, it takes a lot to be a digital journalist nowadays, especially when you want your credibility to be backed with