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Misfit Snap: Zendaya for InStyle January 18 Magazine

Zendaya's everywhere and yet nowhere at the same time. She possesses this other worldliness that only shows that she can't be human, she's transcendent of such. While doing so much in Hollywood, being the cool little sister many of us wish we had had, and taking on the world, she's

I’m Sorry Vanity Fair, But Afro’s Were Never Out 🤷🏾‍♀️

At this year's annual InStyle awards, there were many standout stars that grazed the carpet. However, very few hit the media outlets like 21-year-old (actress? musician? superwoman?) Zendaya, whose dress wasn't the only thing to make a statement. The starlette and former Disney talent, styled by Law Roach in a fiery Schiaparelli Fall