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The Three Things You Should Do When Starting Your Blog

Though we see everyone out here trying to be a blogger, it’s not as simple as a cute pic, a quick caption, and random postings on social media. In actuality, it takes a lot to be a digital journalist nowadays, especially when you want your credibility to be backed with facts and not just popularity. However, when first starting a blog, what are some things you should keep in mind or make the investment in? I got the keys, misfits.

Invest in Great Photography

While I don’t necessarily believe that you need to sink all of your money into your website starting out, I can attest to the fact that once I started investing in my photography, a lot of things changed for my betterment. Let’s face it: everyone loves a good, professional photograph. And while you want your work to distinguish you from your competitors, another great edge is having great photos! Given the type of work that you do, it might behoove you to really invest in making sure that your photos are clear, colorful, and crisp. Now, if you can’t afford a professional photographer just yet, don’t worry; from Canons, to Sony Alphas, even down to your iPhone, a great photo can easily be retouched and made picture perfect.

Put Yourself on an Editorial Calendar

This is definitely a tip I am still working on, but putting yourself on an editorial calendar is a must. Just in the same way that you would write it to do list or create a list of tasks you need to complete before the end of your workday, and editorial calendar keeps you on track and make sure that your content is always pending. For me, I like to fill in various parts of the week that I know for a fact something needs to go up on the site. I keep open gaps available for things such as daily news, random antidotes, or if there is a new product launch. Not staying on an editorial calendar runs the risk of you forgetting to post, getting behind, and missing deadlines. I’ve certainly been a victim to that and have implemented an editorial calendar to get back on track. Start small by designating specific days that content needs to go up. Next you will want to do the same for your social media accounts and making sure that the two are cohesive.

Buy your Domain

Once again, I’m not trying to make this about money, haha. However, do yourself a favor and buy your domain. Own it. Not only does it make you look more official, but it’s yours. Don’t run the risk of putting in all the work of building a brand name just for someone else to buy it and get all the credit. Hey, all is fair in love, war, business and poker.

What tips do you guys have for starting a blog?

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