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Tarte Shape Tape Foundation: Uhhhh, Did You Forget Some Shades?

Houston, we may have a problem.

It seems that Tarte has finally released a foundation to accompany its enviable shape tape concealer, a beauty staple that has truly become a “go to” concealer product for beauty junkies everywhere. However, PopSugar did a color swatch of the new line, and let’s just say, I’m confused.

It comes in two types: hydrating and matte, and boasts “30” shades. I’m putting 30 in quotations because I’m confused on where the 30 shades went. Specifically focusing on the “browner” shades, you can definitely see that there is room for improvement and a variety of shades to be added. Where do I begin? First of all, the last available shade is at darkest a shade I could contour with. What about the countless women who are browner than me who can’t even use that for a foundation, moreorless for a contour? Secondly, there is just way too much room for a diverse shade range within the colors. Immediately, I’m spotting where at least 2-3 shades could be added between the second to last shade and the one above that, as well as the shade above that needing a facelift. How is it that there is 5 different shades of porcelain but the women of color are being left out again? And before someone discusses how there is an added effort (cosmetically speaking) to create colors that are brown enough for darker skin tones, allow me to predispose that by saying I DO NOT CARE.

Black women in particular spend 9x the amount of their white counterparts for beauty products, and that makes absolutely no sense that we must spend more just to have what others have when we are literally the ones helping keep certain industries afloat in the first place.


Unfortunately, Tarte really dropped the ball on this one, and it’s downright offensive given the fact that maaaaaany women of color support their shade range and their concealers. Well, there are a slew of other brands that we will support if a brand can not get on board with creating a shade range for all. Ladies, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the NARS creamy concealer–they just released new shades, have colors in warm, neutral, and cool undertones, and have a rich consistency that doesn’t dry under the eyes.

Tarte, we were rooting for you. Sigh.



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